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Real Name
Shin Hayata
First Appearance
Ultraman, "Ultra Operation #1"
Eiji Tsuburaya
Team Affiliation
Science Patrol (AKA Science Special Search Party, AKA SSSP)
Original Ultraman, First Ultraman, Ultraman Hayata (all of these names are attributed to him after the series to distinguish him from subsequent Ultra-Crusaders)
Base of Operations
Strength, Growth, Energy Projection, Teleportation
Skills and Abilities
Martial Arts Prowess
Tools and Weapons
Beta Capsule, Warning Light

Ultraman (Shin Hayata) is a Japanese superhero and the main character in the Ultraman TV series and its various spin-offs.

Ultraman is played by Bin "Satoshi" Furuya while Shin Hayata is played by Susumu Kurobe.


When an alien giant accidentally caused the death of a human, the alien decided to make up for his mistake by sharing his life with the human, bonding them and allowing Shin Hayata to transform into the evil-fighting giant Ultraman.


In the near future, when the world is under constant threat from alien invasions and giant monsters, Shin Hayata is a member of the Science Patrol, whose job is to neutralize such threats. One day, Hayata is flying a Science Patrol jet when a mysterious red orb crashes into Hayata, killing him instantly. The orb (called a Travel Sphere) is in fact the spaceship of a giant powerful entity named Ultraman, feeling horrible about accidentally taking an innocent life, brings him back to life by merging with him as a single entity. Now, whenever a giant monster threatens the world, then Shin Hayata will raise an object called a Beta Capsule into the sky and transforms into his Ultraman form. Hayata would usually wait to see if he and the Science Patrol were out of options before using this power, only using Ultraman as a last resort. If he stays as Ultraman too long, he may fall and never rise again (his limit being measured by the "color timer").

After many battles, Ultraman was viewed as a true hero of Earth, but in his last adventure was defeated by a creature named Zetton who used a ray that disabled Ultraman's color and Ultraman, in his hero form too long, falls unconscious. Though the Science Patrol is able to defeat Zetton, even after the battle, Ultraman finds himself in danger when suddenly Ultraman's superior from space, Zoffy, arrives to take Ultraman back to space. Ultraman pleads with Zoffy to save Hayata's life rather than his, but Zoffy reveals that he brought two life forces with him so that he may save them both and allow them to live as separate entities. Ultraman accepts and saves Hayata, and then chooses to leave the Earth to return to his people, allowing Hayata to return to a relatively normal life with no memory of Ultraman.


Later, after Ultraman has healed, he returned to Earth to fight monsters once more. However, following his defeat by Zetton, Ultraman lost confidence and needed saving from the Science Patrol on more than one occassion.  Hayata, too, had been feeling strangely weak following their seperation.

The Return of Ultraman[]

Hayata stayed with the SSSP until, at some point, it was replaced with a team called the Ultra Guard.  Around the same time, Ultraman assisted a hero named Ultraman Jack in battling evil.

Ultraman Ace[]

Ultraman and the Ultra Brothers (the comrades who have taken the name Ultra from the Land of Light) were at one point tricked into travelling to another world, leaving Earth unguarded.


Hayata has the ability to turn into the giant Ultraman, who are different individuals who live in the same body. When Ultraman battles, there is a light on his chest that indicates how much power he has to battle with. When the warning light is blue, it means he has full energy, but when it turns red and starts blinking, it means that the power is running out due to the exertion of using his powers.

Super-Vision: Ultraman has the power to see beyond the visible spectrum and may be able to see the entirety of the spectrum.

Super Strength: Ultraman's alien physiology gives him superhuman strength even beyond the power given to him by his gigantic body.

Size Changing: When Hayata turns into Ultraman, he grows very large, which allows him to fight the giant monsters that threaten the Earth.

Teleportation: As Ultraman also has the ability to teleport between planets, though it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do so.


Skills and Abilities[]

Ultraman has great fighting skills that presumably he gained from the world he came from in order to protect the universe.  Shin Hayata also a trained Science Patrol member, meaning is probably a skilled scientist and problem solver.