aka Justin Blystone

  • I live in In the town of Baldwin near Jacksonville, FL
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Timeline builder
  • I am Male
  • Baldwin17

    I have just recently created a brand new concept for a brand new superhero. He's somewhat like Captain Carlos, only he doesn't get his powers from just eating healthy snacks. His name is Captain Cereal, and his motto is: "Like cereal, Justice is always served cold". But who is Captain Cereal and what are his powers? Well, grab your favorite cereal, and have a nice bowl full of it as I tell the origin story of Captain Cereal.

    Our story begins in the modern day, where a young boy is on his way home from school. This child is named Brian, 4th Grader, gentle, kind, and sympathetic. He's really excited because his father is taking him to his job for Bring Your Son to Work Day. Why would he be excited? Becuase Brian's father is an employee at a l…

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