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I have just recently created a brand new concept for a brand new superhero. He's somewhat like Captain Carlos, only he doesn't get his powers from just eating healthy snacks. His name is Captain Cereal, and his motto is: "Like cereal, Justice is always served cold". But who is Captain Cereal and what are his powers? Well, grab your favorite cereal, and have a nice bowl full of it as I tell the origin story of Captain Cereal.

Our story begins in the modern day, where a young boy is on his way home from school. This child is named Brian, 4th Grader, gentle, kind, and sympathetic. He's really excited because his father is taking him to his job for Bring Your Son to Work Day. Why would he be excited? Becuase Brian's father is an employee at a local cereal factory. And if there's one thing that Brian loves to have for breakfast every morning, it's cereal.

On Bring Your Son to Work Day, Brian is taken on a tour of the factory. He is shown how all the cereal is made, plus, there's an even bigger surprise his dad has in store. Brian's father is actually creating a brand new cereal. It's called Mega Munchers. Brian's father, named Jacob, shows him the cereal in a prototype box and tells him that it just needs to undergo a few more tests before it's released to the public. But just as he says it, trouble strikes. Some criminals are looking to make a bit of troube by holding the factory hostage while they take the prototype cereal and sell it off to a rival cereal company.

Jacob tells Brian to take the cereal and make for the emergency exit, and so he does. But, the criminals find him leaving and give chase. The chase goes on until a truck carrying some strange liquid gets a tire blown out from a bullet fired by one of the criminals and crashes into a lamp post. Brian just barely manages to get out of the way of the liquid barrels that come off the back of the truck and spill their contents everywhere, but the same can't be said for the cereal. But just before Brain can get away after grabbing the cereal, the criminals corner him. They prepare to take the cereal away, but the police arrive and arrest them. 

Relieved that his son is safe, Jacob decides to take Brian and the Mega Munchers home. The next day, Brian races down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. However, instead of his favorite cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios, Brian accidentally gets the box full of Mega Munchers. He pours the cereal into the bowl and pours in the milk. After he takes the first bite, Jacob and his wife/Brian's mom Bonnie notice that the cereal start to glow. Brian notices too, and then says that he's starting to feel strange.

Suddenly, Brian's muscles get much larger, and his body gets more buff. The parents are shocked and surprised when they see what's happened to thier son. Being a former college science student, Jacob looks his son over in his basement laboratory. He then comes to the conclusion that the cereal must have absorbed some kind of radiation from the accident with the truck the other day, thus resulting in his son gaining large muscles. However, Brian soon realizes that he also has the ability to fly. Beign a comic book fan, Brian makes his own deduction and says that the cereal gave him superpowers, meaning that the muscles represent super strength.

Bonnie asks when the effects will ware off, and Jacob says that only until the cereal is digested. So, Brian decides to use his new found powers for the benefit of his home town. In next to no time, Brian decides to use his super hero costume from Halloween the previous year to hide his secret identity, with a few modifications. He then tried to come up with a name, but he couldn't think of anything. However, after eating a bag of Cocoa Puffs, he suddenly saw his body turn into solid chocolate, as did his parents, but he didn't melt under the light of the sun like choclate normally would. jacob was amazed, coming up with a theory that whatever cereal Brian eats after eating Mega Munchers, will give him a new power.

But soon, at lunch time, the powers that Brian had wore off. Jacob then told his son that if he wants to be a super hero, he'll have to work fast and stop any crime before lunch. Brian agrees and comes up with his new super hero name... Captain Cereal! The next day, while watching cartoons, Brian and his family notice a bank robbery taking place downtown. Brian then decides for the city to get to know Captain Cereal. He eats some Mega Munchers, and gains his powers. He also gets the brilliant idea of bringing some bags of other cereal with him in a lunch box to help him out. Captain Cereal rushes off to the rescue, and spots the bank robbers down below him, trying to get away in two different trucks going in two different directions. Captain Cereal goes after one and decides to finds a way to make it stop.

Captain Cereal takes out some Honey Nut Cheerios and eats them, This results in him being able to throw some honey on to the road to stop the truck. It works, But when the criminals step out to try and escape on foot, they get stuck in the honey too, just in time for the police to round them up. The police watch Captain Cereal go after the second truck, but this time, Captain Cereal eats some Cocoa Pebbles cereal and turns the tires on the truck into chocolate, which melt and stop the truck dead. THe criminals try to choot Captain, but they find that his body has turned into choclate as well, thus resulting in the bullets passing right through him. And the bullet holes? They reform.

Captain Cereal makes quick work of the thugs, and hands them over to the police. The chief asks who he is, and Captain Cereal gives him his name and tells both the police and criminals to remember: Like breakfast cereal, justice is always served cold. And with that, he flies away. And so, a new hero is born. Criminals beware of the dawn and the coming of breakfast time, because Captain Cereal will crunch your plans into pieces.