Superhero Wiki

Dozens, thousands of categories of heroes you may have heard of. But today i am going to show you some fictional superhero those are from Bangladesh.

10. Jujumanob: the man with juju power(mythological being named as Juju)   has huge energy to blast with. He has fast healing factor, athletical flexibility, super movable speed.

09. chayamanob: shadowman or chayamanob has power to teleport opponents to another dimension. He has potentially teleported supervillain Dafkan so fast that it was unrecoverable to return in main track for Dafkan.

08.  Nervemaster: Nervemaster can manipulate any living being to stop moving. He can even poses any kind of matters such as solid objects.

07. Bumerang lita: Most Powerful vigilante with throwing  things 10x greater than her own weight.

06. Runner: Runner Or Irfan can runs 300kmps. He can breaks any solid blocks such as walls or building pillar During the Run. 

05. Copymaster: he can be his doppelganger more than 100times in a second. 

04. Gravity Master: Goes against gravity, Ibrahim the Gravity Master can stop any living object on it’s gravity point.  

03. Rater Phohori: Rater Prohori has the top appraisal for vigilante night out mission on arresting convicted people. His most significant power is his non superhuman strength against super villains. Abilities he can move up with are unarmed combat as supporting martial arts.

02. Jolo Manob: Jolomanob or Ocean Man can manipulate anyrhing under the water as much as non living things.

01. Onumanob: Particle man or Onumanob can manipulate every electrons, protons, neutrons around the world. He can heat up to 4000° celcius or can absorb temparature from his opponents. Has supersonic speed.