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Johnny Unusual (talk) 02:47, August 1, 2018 (UTC)

Well, this site really isn't for fanon (fan-written continuity).  If you mean crossovers that actually happened between the two companies, you can start a page about that, or want to simply write articles about the parody characters who mentioned that's fine, but please don't add anything that hasn't occured in official materials.  If you want to write about that kind of stuff, I'm sure you can start your own wiki or something with no problems.

I think I misunderstood you.  Yeah, TV characters and Timelines are both fine.  I just keep getting people who insist that Nick Fury created Mega Man, or adding Transformers to the DC Multiverse and weird character crossover stuff of their own imaginings .  If you want to do pages about TV superheroes, that's great.  Heck, I've added pages for superheroes who solely appeared in advertisements (Heck, this wiki probably has the most comprehensive page about Apple and Cinnaman, the mascots for Apple Cinnamon Cheerios in the early 90s). I even added one nameless character who only appeared in a series of paintings (they are cool paintings that ended up in real museums)!  As long as it's a superhero and isn't just a character you made up (I also keep seeing a lot of those).

As long as the information is true to those characters are presented and the TV shows and such (to the best of your knowledge, I'm not going to get upset about unintended factual errors, which I have certainly made before, though I might correct them.) than I have no issue.  And Marvel and DC timeline pages sound good to me, as long as they are seperate pages.  Those two companies certainly have had crossovers, but they are considered to be non-canonical (with the possible exception of JLA/Avengers but even then it never comes up in any book, so it may as well be considered non-canonical.

I'll also note that there are characters who, if you asked if they counted as superheroes, I wouldn't be sure.  There aren't really any hard and fast rules for what is a superhero and a lot of characters seem to exist to defy pre-established rules (The Fantastic Four never even had costumes for the first three issues).  Some I might delete if I see zero activity from other people or if it seems too far afeild, but I try to give a lot a chance.  As long as they aren't too ridiculous (like saying George Costanza), I'll definitely hear you out.

I do appreciate you writing to me.  You don't have too, but I understand you want to take part in a big endevour and not see it erase.  If I understand you correctly, I have no complaints.  In fact, I appreciate a lot of help.  I often am one of the few people to work on this site and it is nice to have other people who want to contribute.

Seems pretty focused on the western parts of the DCU for the most part but I assume that's because you are just starting.  The tricky part is that, though it would be even MORE work, might want the time line page to cover multiple timelines.  This is tricky for a number of reasons.  One is that there is a lot of overlap.  Also, when things are rewritten, a lot of changes are either not made clear until later or NEVER made clear.  So the New 52 reality has different events than, say, the DC Universe following Rebirth.

Also, I don't think its been stated positively or negatively if the events of Joe R. Lansdale's Jonah Hex books for Vertigo are in the DC continuity or in their own continuity.  Vertigo series with DC characters can be tricky.  For example, John Constantine was originally placed firmly in the DC Universe but then was relagated into Vertigo and the character was never mentioned in DC Comics for years and most of the events of his Vertigo series (where he ages in real time and is in his 50's when the series ended).

But it is looking really cool.  My suggestion is to focus on events in your timeline that are significant to the DC Universe in the big picture.  The aforementioned Joe R. Lansdale Jonah Hex comics don't have events that are particularly important to the DC Universe as a whole (not a criticism on those books, which are fun as heck).  Being concise, when possible, is probably a good idea.

Well, the problem with year one is that I this comic was released in 86.  If he started his career in 39, then he would be at the very least in his 50s during that era.  Again, a lot of this stuff was also retconned during the crisis.  The information about Superboy seems accurate for the Golden Age version of the character, but not so much for other incarnations.  Again, this would make things harder, but you might need seperate timelines for The Golden Age (Earth-Two), the Silver and Bronze Ages (Earth-One), the Post-Crisis Earth and other mainstream incarnations.

Frankly, I find it hard myself.  I'll do what I can when I notice something but there are things that aren't always clear.  I will say most characters introduced in the Silver Age (save for characters introduced as part of "Earth-Two" in that era) would not be included (such as Jonah Hex, who wasn't introduced until the 70's.)  I'll do what I can but I only have so much time to dedicate to the exhaustive history of the DC Universe(s).

I hope this looks closer to what you were thinking of.  Remember that you can change which side the picture appears on by adjusting the alignment.

I mean, Brainiac's original goal was to steal cities, shrink them and add them to his collection.  But if you are asking if that should be a category, I think its a little too niche.