Venom is the name of several supervillans and antiheroes in the Marvel Universe, all of whom were hosts for the same alien symbiote that augmented their powers. He first met Spiderman. While he was with Spiderman he copied all of his powers, except the spider sense, instead of copying him he became immune to it making the spider sense to think that the spider man himself is attacking himself, and so there is no need to be warned.

Eddie BrockEdit

Eddie Brock
Eddie Brock was the first person to merge with the black symbiote after Spider-Man removed if from his body and together the two became Venom.

Media Edit

Appears in Spider Man cartoon and Movies.

MacDonald "Mac" Gargan Edit

Once he was a host too.

Notes Edit

An episode of the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon referred to this with him being a host in this episode, but the difference is that in the comics he was without the armor and in the cartoon he was wearing the armor with Scorpion's armor when it happened.

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