Vincent Scavo, better known as Vinz, is the deuteragonist of the adult animated science fiction film: Mutafukaz. He is Angelino's best friend and roommate of the Hotel Guadalupe.

He is voiced by Tokio Emoto in the Japanese dub and Vince Staples in the English dub.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vinz is a pale, short young man with an oversized, perpetually-burning skull for a head. It gives him the appearance of a skeleton, his anatomy from the neck below is that of an ordinary human; albeit one with gray skin and a more pronounced, visible ribcage. He has large, black eyes with yellow pupils. Over the course of the story, Vinz wears varied urban attire. However, he most often appears shirtless, with grayish-brown or black jeans.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Vinz is a somewhat cynical, bitter person and complains frequently. He acts as Angelino's straight-man: calling out his friend for his crazy plans, delusions and unnecessary heroics.

Towards the second half of the story, Vinz develops an inferiority complex, feeling weak and useless in comparison to Angelino. He attempts to compensate for this by becoming more aggressive and taking an active role during fights. Despite this, his efforts are usually ineffective and sometimes even backfire.

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