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Violet Parr

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Real Name
Violet "Vi" Parr
First Appearance
The Incredibles (2004)
Brad Bird
Team Affliation
The Incredibles
Base of Operations
Invisibility, Force Field Generation
Skills and Abilities
High Intelligence

Force Field Manipulation

Force Field Creation

Energy Projection

Tools and Weapons

Violet "Vi" Parr is a member of the family superhero team, the Incredibles, from the movie, the Incredibles. Violet is voiced by Sarah Vowell.


The daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, Violet was born with the powers to turn invisible and generate force fields, which she uses as a member of the family superhero team, the Incredibles.


Violet was born to the retired superheroes, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. As she grew older she discovered her power to turn invisible and generate force fields. When she became a teenager, she was asked by her parents to hide her superpowers and she grew to be very shy and awkward. Later, after her mother discovered that Mr. Incredible was in trouble, she and her little brother, Dash, went on a rescue mission to save him. When the family ended up in a dangerous situation, Violet had to learn to use her powers to fight the forces of the evil Syndrome and save her father. After defeating Syndrome, the family decided to embrace their powers and continue to fight for crime as the Incredibles.


Violet's superpowers reflect her personality as she is shy and lacks confidence. She wants to be like everyone else and not stand out but her superpowers allow her to turn invisible (and sometimes activate at inopportune times) and therefore not be seen. Though she and her brother often don't get along, they care very much for each other and confide in each other when they are worried about their parents.


Violet has the ability to generate force fields to protect her and others, the duration and power depends on her focus and belief, she also has the ability to turn herself invisible.

 Skills and Abilities[]

Violet has been shown to be quite intelligent. She shows an inquisitive and adaptable nature about herself, her powers, and the world around her