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First Appearance
Mari Jiwe McCabe
First Appearance
Action Comics (Vol. 1) #521 (July, 1981)
Gerry Conway, Bob Oksner
Team Affliations
Justice League, Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Ultramarine Corps
Base of Operations
Mimics the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on Earth, healing factor
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Tantu Totem

Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe) is a comic book character created by Gerry Conway and Bob Oksner and is a part of the DC Universe.


An orphan from Africa, Mari McCabe made herself a success as a fashion model and returned to Africa to find that her uncle had entrusted her with a mystical artifact called the Tantu Totem, which gave her the ability to harness the power of animals.  She then used it to fight evil as Vixen.



Mari Jiwe was born in Zamesi and was the daughter of Reverend Richard Jiwe and Jeanne-Mari Jiwe, who told her the legend of a mystical artifact called the Tantu Totem as she was growing up.  Later her mother was killed by a poacher named Kwesi, leaving Reverend Jiwe to raise Mari on his own.  However, Reverend Jiwe was murdered by his half-brother General Maksai in an effort to acquire the Tantu Totem.

As an orphan, Mari fled to America and took the name McCabe.  See eventually became a fashion model in New York City, where she became quite successful and ater gaining exceptional wealth, she decided to travel the world.  Her travels took her back to her home in Zambesi where she met her Uncle once more.  Upon returning home, Mari stole back the Tantu Totem and discovered that it had the ability to mimic the abilities of any animal. She decided to use these powers to fight for justice as the superhero Vixen.

In other media[]

The cartoon Justice League Unlimited, put the powers of Vixen, not depending on proximity to animals, and the other cartoons in which the character appears (Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League Action) and the Web series Vixen which is an extension of the CW channel series where the character appears as well.