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The Voltron Lion Force (aka Voltron IIIand Voltron of the Far Universe) is a superhero team and the lead characters of the TV series Voltron.  This is the incarnation of Voltron

composed of five mighty robot lions. Piloted by a team of intrepid space explorers and a princess, the Voltron Lion Force defends the planet of Arus against the hungry ambitions of King Zarkon's kingdom on Planet Doom.

This incarnation of Voltron was adapted from the Japanese Beast King Goliontelevision show. Due to its success, the story and team has evolved beyond this origin into more original directions.

As Voltron was always marketed as a single series, "Lion Force" is not a canonical name, but is widely-used in the fandom to distinguish this incarnation from the others. Another common nickname is "Lion Voltron".