The Vortex in the Dark Horse Universe is both the name of a superhero and the interdimensional rift he emerged from.



Vortex hero

Real Name
First Appearance
Comics' Greatest World: Vortex #4 (September, 1993)
Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley, Barbara Kesel, Jerry Prosser, Chris Warner
Team Affiliations
Zolot, The Deconstructionist
Base of Operations
Cinnabar Flats
Energy Projection, Dimensional Manipulation, Duplication, Energy Absorption, Flight, Force Field, Omni-lingual, Super Hearing, Super Sight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Teleportation
Skills and Abilities
Unarmed Combat

Vortex is the name of a superhero hero who emerged from a vortex located in Cinnabar Flats.


An genocidal alien who became disillusioned with his mad quest, Vortex travelled from planet to planet trying to raise an army to fight his own people, eventually landing on Earth to create superhumans.


A long time ago, the alien entity that would be known as Vortex acted as a killer, murdering entire races on behalf of his own.  Eventually, this entity grew tired and disillusioned with his acts of genocide and decided to rebel against his own people by giving races the gifts to fight for themselves (in particular, a powerful artifact called the Motor).  However, with each world he would travel too, none of his attempts resulted in saving whatever world he was trying to protect, instead turning the subjects into monsters or dying.  Eventually, the entity arrived on Earth (specifically, hidden underground in the Nevada desert) in the year 1931 and began performing experiments again.

In 1947, the entity was in the middle of his experiments when an atom bomb was detonated in the desert as part of a series of government experiments.  The detonation of the experiments resulted in the creation of an unstable dimensional vortex, which was referred to as "The Maelstrom" by the man named Law, the first person exposed to it.  As long it was open, it emited an energy that gave people across the world superpowers.

The entity went onto disappear into the vortex, leaving the Earth for several decades.


The Vortex


Notable Residents
First Appearance
Out of the Vortex #1 (October, 1993)
Notable Residents
None (as it is a place that connect dimensions)
Cinnabar Flats

The Vortex is an interdimensional rift in the Dark Horse Universe.

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