The character Malcolm Arnold "Mal" Duncan, started heroism in the comics as the successor to the Guardian (the character with a shield that looks like Captain America from Marvel without the patriotic theme), he was the second character to use the name Guardian. After an incident, he won a magic wind instrument, and used the name Hornblower, but the comics went through a new beginning after the crisis of Earths infinites, and the only identity he used was that of the Herald with the wind instrument. opening magician who opened portals and sonic attacks. He eventually lost his wind instrument, and he got a device on his chest that does everything she does, he even spoke for her.

Media[edit | edit source]

Like the Herald he appears in the Teen Titans cartoon (but with a mask)

As the second Guardian he appears in the cartoon Young Justice.

And a character very similar to Vox, General Vox appears in the Justice League cartoon.

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