Real Name
Laurie Collins
First Appearance
New Mutants (Vol. 2) #2 (August, 2003)
Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Keron Grant
Team Affiliations
New Mutants
Base of Operations
Salem Center, New York
Empathic Pherokinesis
Skills and Abilities
Limited Combat Experience

Wallflower (Laurie Collins) is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a member of the New Mutants.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The daughter of a mutant with the power to manipulate people, Laurie Collins was warned by her mother to avoid using her similar powers in the unethical way.  She eventually joined the team of mutants called the New Mutants to use her powers selflessly.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Laurie Collins was born the daughter of the mind controlling mutant Sean Garrison and Gail Collins in Kent, Connecticut.  Sean Garrison was a morally reprehensible man who used his mind controlling power to get whatever he wanted, including women.  Gail was one of these women had married and stayed with Sean while under his control.  However, once she was pregnant with Sean's child, she gained immunity to his abilities and walked out on him.

Gail raised Laurie by herself and the two of them became quiet loners.  However, when Laurie was in her teens, her powers activated, causing her to become very popular.  Her mother, understanding what was happening, attempted to help her daughter, but these newfound powers caused Laurie to become even more withdrawn.  

Xavier Institute[edit | edit source]

When the Xavier Institute went public, Gail moved her and her daughter to Salem Center so Laurie could enroll and so her mother could be close to her.  At Gail's insistance, Laurie stayed at the school and shared a room, but her luck with roommates went pretty badly.

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