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War Machine


Real Name
James Rhodes
First Appearance
Iron Man #118

(January, 1979) [as James Rhodes], Iron Man #170 (May, 1983) [as Iron Man], Iron Man #282

(September, 1992) [as War Machine], Gambit (Vol. 5) #13 (May, 2013) [as Iron Patriot]
David Michelinie, Bob Layton
Team Affliations
United States Marine Corps, Stark Enterprises, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Iron Legion, Worldwatch Incorporated, Secret Defenders, Force Works, The Crew, Office of National Emergency, Sentinel Squad O*N*E, The Initiative, Team War Machine, Secret Avengers, United States Department of Defense
Iron Patriot, Iron Man
Base of Operations
New York City
Superhuman strength, Supersonic flight at Mach 3
Skills and Abilities
Experienced soldier trained in armed and unarmed combat, Pilot and aviation engineer
Tools and Weapons
War Machine Armor which features energy repulsors and a variety of offensive and defensive weapons including missiles and laser blasters

War Machine is a superhero in the Marvel Universe, and an ally of Iron Man. There was also a villain who took on the identity of War Machine for a brief period.


A U.S. Marine and ally of Tony Stark, Jim Rhodes replaced Iron Man for a time and after proving his worth was given his own armor to fight evil with as War Machine.


Youth and Early Career[]

James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes was born in South Philadelphia who grew up to be a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He became stationed in Afghanistan during an unspecified US involvement in affairs in Southeast Asia, where he became a pilot and met another pilot Parnell Jacobs (who became a close friend) and Jacob's girlfriend Glenda Sandoval, who eventually married Jacobs. At the same time, Jim Rhodes was also working towards his goal of becoming an aviation engineer.

Though Rhodes was never hesitant to kill on the battlefield, he was often haunted by the act of killing, which left a big impact on him. During a flight over Afghanistan, Jim Rhodes plane was shot down, and though Rhodes was able to survive the crash, his plane was no longer airworthy. It was here that he met Tony Stark, who had just completed his Iron Man armor and used it to take revenge for the death of Professor Yinsen. James Rhodes was wary at first, but soon helped Tony recharge his armor using the battery of the fallen helicopter.

The two traveled through the jungle together until they stumbled upon a hidden enemy rocket base. Together, James and Tony destroyed the base, stole a helicopter and landed in an American encampment, which lead to Tony offer James a job once his work with the military was over. Though Rhodes initially declined his offer, he would go on to work for Tony after a succession of other careers.

Stark Industries[]

When Rhodes finally accepted Tony's offer, he became Stark Industries chief aviation engineer, as well as Tony Stark's personal pilot. Jim Rhodes even helped Iron Man in his battle against the Roxxon Oil Company, corrupt industrialist Justin Hammer and HYDRA's Dreadnought robots.

The New Iron Man[]

Due to personal problems, Tony Stark became an alcoholic and after an escapade that endangered people when Tony acted as Iron Man while drunk, he decided to cease using the armor. When the superpowered criminal Magma attacked Stark International, Jim Rhodes decided to wear the Iron Man armor to protect it. After his adventure, Rhodes was prepared to return the armor but Stark insisted that Jim keep it while Stark could recover secure in the knowledge that Iron Man was still protecting people. Though he had his doubts, Jim accepted and took on the identity of Iron Man.

Jim announced (as Iron Man) that Iron Man would be taking a leave of absence for a time from the Avengers.  Soon Jim found himself helpless when criminal businessman Obadiah Stane took ownership of Stark Industries from Tony Stark, though he was able to keep the Iron Man armors out of his hands.  Jim decided to become Iron Man for hire for a period (battling the Iron Man foe the Mandarin) in order to earn capital that he and sibling engineer duo of Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin could open a new business venture.  Tony, having recovered from months of alcohol abuse, decided to join them and together they travelled to Silicon Valley, California to found a small electronics design firm Circuits Maximus.

Other Media[]


All of Iron Man movies and Iron Man cartoons, Super Hero Squad Show and Avengers: EMH.


The same as Iron Man but a bunch of more weapons like machine guns and rocket launcher. Micro-Missiles

Quad Barreled Cannon

Quad barreled cannon stored behind War Machine's left shoulder. Features caseless, programmable High-Explosive (HE) rounds. The rounds can be set to mid-air explosion (air-burst), Impact detonation and delayed detonation modes.


Micro-Cannons stored on upper and lower part of both of the armor gauntlets. Fires caseless rounds. Due ammunition's nature and internal feeding mechanism the suit only has to eject spent propellant cases (stored inside the gauntlets).War Hammer

A non-lethal baton type weapon used to paralyze the opponent with concussive force strikes. Stored in back right side of the suit.

Sonic Cannon

Non-lethal sonic wave projector, capable of incapacitating targets.