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Real Name
Nikolai Volkoff
First Appearance
Kinnikuman Chapter 94
Team Affliations
Chojin Master/Student Combo, Hell's Bears
Kuroe, Belmond, Battleman
Base of Operations
Superhuman Strength, Speed and Durability, Cyborg Physiology
Skills and Abilities
World Class Wrestler
Bear Claws

Warsman is a cyborg villain and later a superhero in the manga and anime series Kinnikuman.


A cyborg choujin (or superhuman) from Russia, Nikolai Volkoff grew up poor, mocked for his hideous face.  Warsman decided to accept training from the mysterious man known as Barracuda to become the perfect warrior, so he could make the money to help other disadvantaged children in Russia.  However, his training made him a cruel and merciless warrior until he was defeated by the superhero Kinnikuman.


Nikolai Volkoff was a cyborg choujin (or "superhuman") born in Russia to Mikhail Volkov and Natasha Volkoff.  His family was poor and he suffered not only from poverty but also for his disfigured face, a side effect of being a cyborg.  Nikolai never knew who his father was until one day his mother revealed he was the super-powered wrestler hero Mikhailman. As a boy he was recruited by the SKGB for training in the training center known as the Wolf Room where he met the cyborg choujin Kommandas. Kommandas training was famously harsh with trainees constantly quitting but Warsman confessed to loving it, because after his harsh upbringing, having exercise, food and a warm bed that the Wolf Room was his personal paradise.