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The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Avengers.


Janet is the eldest daughter of renowned scientist Vernon Van Dyne. When her father was murdered, the desolate young woman sought the support of his colleague Hank Pym. Without the girl's knowledge, Hank led a double life like the tiny Ant-Man adventurer. Impressed by Janet's moral strength, Hank revealed his secret identity and proposed to convert her into a superpowered creature, so that he could avenge his father's death and quickly Janet accepted.

Heroic life

Based on his recent research on the wasps 'organic structure, Hank implanted, under Janet's scapulae and temples, cells corresponding to those found in the insects' wings and antennae. He also taught her to use Pym Particles, enabling her to shrink the minimum height by 3.8 cm and return to normal. Due to Hank's bioengineering techniques, Janet can manifest wings and communicate telepathically with insects in their reduced state. Like Wasp, she helped Ant-Man bring his father's killer to justice. After that, she became a partner in combating the crime of the tiny hero, developing her skills so that one day she could become a hero on her own.

Creation of the Avengers

After the Avengers' initial adventure, it was the Vespa that christened the team. Meanwhile, Janet's partnership with Hank has resulted in a deeper union. The two finally fell in love and got married. When she turned 23, Janet fully assumed her inheritance. Now very wealthy, she remained motivated as before. Deciding to continue her adventures, the young woman also started a successful career as a stylist. By now, it was well known that she was the Wasp.

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