Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor.jpg

Notable Residents
Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
First Appearance
Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #28, (June, 1939)
Gotham City
Points of Interest
The Bat-Cave, The Study
Bill Finger, Bob Kane

Wayne Manor is a place in the DC Universe and is the residence of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, who is secretly the superhero Batman.

History[edit | edit source]

Golden Age (Earth-Two)[edit | edit source]

The history of Wayne Manor is largely unknown until Bruce Wayne purchased it following his expedition to learn the various skills he would later use as Batman. It was located in the suburbs of Gotham City on 224 Park Drive. It was in this house that Bruce Wayne would first inspired to become Batman when a bat flew through his window, making him realize he could use fear against criminals, who he saw as cowardly and superstitious. Bruce Wayne also created a secret crime lab in his house, as well as a secret trophy room and a secret entrance to his home through a seemingly abandoned barn.

Under his house, Wayne built The Batcave, a secret base where he would lead a double life as the superhero vigilante Batman. Later, Wayne Manor would also become home to Bruce Wayne's ward Dick Grayson, who was adopted by Wayne after Dick lost his parents to criminal sabotage and who would go on to become Batman's sidekick Robin. After that, Alfred Pennyworth, a chubby would-be detective entered Bruce and Dick's life and despite his clumsy nature would endear himself to the two and go on to become Wayne Manor's butler.

Silver Age/Pre-Crisis[edit | edit source]

During the Silver Age of comics, the events of the previous Batman stories were relegated to Earth-Two, an alternate reality where the events of the Golden Age took place. However, it can be assumed that much of its history has remained the same. After Dick Grayson left Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred chose to live in a penthouse apartment in the center of Gotham City to be closer to the crime he was fighting. During this time, Bruce donated his home to the Historical Society of Gotham. Bruce would eventually return to Wayne Manor, which remained his home.

Modern Age/Post-Crisis[edit | edit source]

When the Crisis occured, history was rewritten, as well as the history of Wayne Manor.  Wayne Manor began construction in the 19th Century, when businessman Joshua Wayne died during its construction.  Noted gunslinger Jonah Hex used the remains as a meeting place until the heir to the property, Alan Wayne, reclaimed the property and finished construction.

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