Real Name
Major Wiley Wolf
First Appearance
Werewolf #1 (December 1966)
Don Segall [conjecture], Bill Fracchio, Tony Tallarico
Team Affliations
CIA, USAF [formerly]
Base of Operations
Super Speed [given to him by his stealth suit], Underwater Breathing [given to him by his stealth suit], Super Endurance [given to him by his stealth suit]
Skills and Abilities
master of disguise, skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Tools and Weapons
Stealth Suit, Transmitter

Werewolf is a superhero who appeared in Dell comics.  Despite his name, he is not an actual werewolf.


When US Air Force Major Wiley Wolf crashed his plane in the Canadian wilderness, he lost his memory and went feral, becoming part of a wolf pack.  When he regained his memories, he became cynical about society and was retrained by the CIA to be a special agents, combining training with his newfound feral instincts to become the secret agent Werewolf.


Wiley Wolf's early life is largely unknown.  What is known is that he became part of the United States Air Force where he rose to the rank of major.  While testing an experimental aircraft in the arctic circle, Wolf crashed and though he survived, he became an amnesiac and went feral.  Wolf lived among the wolves, effectively becoming one of their pack until returning to civilization six months later and regaining his memory.  From then on, he started to see society was filled with "mad wolves" in the guise of humans (metaphorically speaking) and that they had to be stopped.

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