The WildStorm Universe

WildStorm Universe

Image Comics (formerly), DC Comics
Notable Character
WildC.A.T.s, The Authority, Gen13, StormWatch
First Appearance
WildC.A.T.s (vol. 1) #1 (August, 1992) (originally part of the Image Universe)

The WildStorm Universe was a continuity originally part of the Image Universe, before the publishing imprint WildStorm was sold to DC Comics, when it became its own universe.


Initially, the WildStorm Universe was a part of the Image Universe.  Please note there is overlap, but the focus will be on events that are primarily WildStorm related, please go to the Image Universe page.

The WildStorm Universe shares the history with that of the Image Universe, but it should be noted the non-WildStorm aspects for the Universe are ignored (including characters such as Spawn or Youngblood) after the point that WildStorm Comics became part of DC Comics.

WildStorm UniverseEdit

Long ago, a race known as the Daemonites gained the ability to possess members of other races and began a campaign of conquest across the universe. They eventually came across the equally powerful and seemingly immortal Kherubim, and a war started between the two races.  The war extended across the universe and eventually reached the planet Earth.   The Daemonites attempted to conquer the Earth and possess the bodies of it's people to become more soldiers in their war while the Kherubim decided to protect the Earth.  The presence of both alien races on Earth resulted in the creation of many Earth's myths and legends about gods and the divine.

In the 1960's, the alien Daemonite Helespont's attempt to control the Earthwas first documented, nearly starting a war between nations in an attempt to destroy humanity, leaving Earth for the Daemonites.

At some point in the 20th Century, Dr. Simon Tsung discovered something in human DNA that he referred to as the Gen-Factor, a source of superhuman powers in the human body.  He found it in the body in Ethan McCain, who was secretly the reincarnation of an extradimensional hero named Sigma and soon began studying the Gen-Factor, working for Project: Genesis, a project run by the government organization known as International Operations.

In the modern age, extra-normal and super-powered threats become more common (due in part to the war between the alien races on Earth) and in response, the global security agency StormWatch was created by the United Nations.  In addition, a group of heroes called the WildC.A.T.s was formed to battle secret alien threats, such as the Daemonites.

WildStorm 2.0Edit

A second version of the WildStorm Universe was created, rewriting much of the history of the WildStorm Universe.  Eventually, the world was faced with an apocalyptic event that the heroes and villains of that world needed to face together.

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