Wild Dog

Wild Dog

Real Name
Jack Wheeler
First Appearance
Wild Dog #1 (September, 1987)
Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty
Team Affiliations
United States Marine Corps
Base of Operations
The Quad Cities
Skills and Abilities
Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant

Wild Dog (Jack Wheeler) is a vigilante in the DC Universe who fights crime in the Quad Cities.


After his girlfriend was murdered due to her mob ties, former soldier Jack Wheeler decided to seek revenge and found a new calling as the vigilante Wild Dog.


Jack Wheeler's youth is largely unrevealed.  As a university student in the Quad Cities, Iowa, Jack was attending on his football scholarship.  When he was injured, Jack was forced to drop out of college.  He opted instead to join the U.S. Marines and his tour of duty ended tragedy when his entire platoon was killed by a bomb planted by a terrorist.

Jack returned to the Quad Cities where he began taking night classes at State University, where Jack met and fell in love with Claire Smith.  When Claire was struck down by a gunman, Jack learned that she was in fact Claire Carmonti and was the daughter of a prominent Chicago mob boss.  Something inside Jack snapped the day she was murdered and Jack grabbed a hockey mask, khakis and a State U. T-Shirt and began waging a vigilante war on crime in the Quad Cities.  The media dubbed the anonymous Jack "Wild Dog" and while he was hunted by the police, he became a local hero.  By day, Jack worked as a mechanic while at night he hunted down criminals.

Wild Dog's reputation earned him a place amongst the superheroes of Earth when the heroes held a summit in the face of an invasion by the Dominators, an alien race plotting to conquer Earth.

Years later, Wild Dog was also one of the heroes battling the Secret Society of Super-Villains when they attacked Metropolis during the event known as the Infinite Crisis.

Not long after, the hero Booster Gold accidentally created an alternate timeline while trying to save his friend Blue Beetle. In doing so, he created a dangerous situation and only a last ditch effort by a ragtag team of heroes including Wild Dog could stop the threat.  Wild Dog died in during the mission, though he was likely revived when history was righted by the Blue Beetle sacrificing his life to restore the timeline.

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