Willa is the leader of the Treetop Kingdom of theWarrior Maidens, a tribe of Amazonian-like female warrior women who reside on Third Earth. Confident and tough, Willa is instinctively suspicious and slow to trust others outside of her Warrior Maiden tribe, and at times this can lead to her possessing a nature bordering on the slightly xenophobic. Despite this, Willa and all the Warrior Maidens have learned to trust theThunderCats, who they regularly turn to in times of need, and the ThunderCats are equally grateful to have in Willa an ally with such a comprehensive knowledge of Third Earth and its geography, and such courage and skill in the heat of battle.

Before moving to New Thundera for good, Lion-O appoints Willa to be one of the member of the League of Third Earth, a group of ThunderCats' allies formed to safeguard Third Earth and its inhabitants in the absence of the ThunderCats.

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