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The Witches


First Appearance
Witches #1 (August, 2004)
Brian Patrick Walsh, Mike Deodato Jr.
New York City
Jennifer Kale, Satana, Topaz
Rallying Cry
Tome of Zhered-Na

The Witches are a short-lived superhero team in the Marvel Universe who joined forces to help prevent a dangerous event accidentally set in motion by a young witch.


When witch Jennifer Kale accidentally used her magic to unleash a disastrous event, mystics Satana and Topaz came to her aide, making a makeshift superhero team to deal with the issue.


The Witches formation as a group begins with a young man named Andy Kale accepting a job at the New York Public Library.  Andy, who came from a long line of witches, was tricked into opening a book of magic (the Tome of Zhered-Na) in the library and releasing an evil force onto the world.  This entity, named Hellphyr, was released, but his release also was detected of the supernatural senses of the Sorceror Supreme of this dimension, Doctor Strange.

Realizing the extent of Hellphyr's power, Strange set about organizing a team of mystics to help combat the threat.  The team included Topaz (a mystic Strange was familiar with), Jennifer Kale (Andy's brother and a witch who was often allied with the monstrous creature known as Man-Thing) and Satan's daughter Satana.  Together they worked together to defeat Hellphyr.  Since then, the team has not been seen since and has likely disbanded.


The teams members include three powerful mystics brought together by the superhero sorcerer Doctor Strange.

Jennifer Kale - A young woman from a long line of witches whose brother is manipulated by evil forces, causing her to join.

Satana - The daughter of the Devil and a master of various dark magic arts.

Topaz - A sorceress and one time ally to the Werewolf By Night.


Doctor Strange - The team was formed by Doctor Strange, believing the three were most suited to the job of defeating Hellphyr.


Tome of Zhered-Na - The Tome of Zhered-Na ended up in the hands of Jennifer Kale, which she used to help the Witches.