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The Witches 5 (ウィッチーズ5 Witchīzu Faibu) is a subset of the Death Busters led by Kaolinite, artificial human/Daimon hybrids created by Tomoe. The Witches 5 pose as Mugen Academy prefects while given the task to gather souls, or "Hostes," of the student body to both prolong the Tau Ceti Star System and provide vessels for Daimon Eggs. They are seen as either being equal to or stronger than the main Sailor Guardians, whom they target for their interference with the promise of being promoted to Magus level. Kaolinite would later revive the Witches 5 as Mugen Academy's first line of defense when the Sailor Guardians storm the school.

In the anime, the Witches 5 are led by Professor Tomoe and work as researchers in an underground lab and compete amongst themselves for his approval. While first given the task to search for the Talismans until Eudial's death, altering the "Witches 5" sign on their door to reflect the number of remaining members, the remaining Witches 5 members are later instructed by Mistress 9 to find "pure hearts" instead. In the Cloverway English adaptation, the name is changed to Bureau of Bad Behavior.

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