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The Wizard


Real Name
Blane Whitney
First Appearance
Top-Notch Comics #1 (December, 1939)
Will Harr, Edd Ashe Jr.
Team Affliations
The Man With The Super Brain
Base of Operations
No information
Supersensory perception, Telepathy, Superhuman strength and acrobatic agility
Skills and Abilities
Genius intellect, Photographic memory, Fighting Skills
Various inventions

The Wizard is a superhero who first appeared in MLJ Comics.


Born a genius and hailing from a long line of American military heroes, Blaine Whitney dedicated himself to helping others the day he had the opportunity to meet president Woodrow Wilson, who advised him to use his gifts to help others.  Creating a number of crime fighting gadgets, he adopted the identity of the Wizard, which he used to fight crime.


Blane Whitney's childhood is largely unrevealed, though it is known that Blane's family history is full of patriotic, heroic soldiers.  This included General Steve Whitney, who was George Washington's chief aide during the revolutionary war who also wore a disguise to fight evil for a brief period.  When Blane was 14, he proved himself to be extremely intelligence and during World War I, developed a powerful acid he felt might be used to aid the war effort, though the war ended before it would be utilized.  Nonetheless, his accomplishment allowed him to meet President Woodrow Wilson, who told the young man to use his intelligence to help people.  Blane took his advice to heart, becoming a top level athlete and student while in college.

He decided to help out the world using his skills and abilities as a masked superhero, calling himself the Wizard.  The Wizard fought crime using various specially designed tools and weapons like the Vibra-Ray, as well as a specially designed car that could reach speeds of 500 miles an hour.  His brother, Grover, was aware of his secret identity and held the role of as Chief of the Naval Intelligence Service and gave the Wizard leads as to noted threats to America. Blane also later had a girlfriend named Blane Whitney, a reporter for the Daily Citizen.

Though initially he only demonstrated the strength of an average human, he later exhibited super strength and clairvoyant powers credited to his "Super Brain", a well as an eidactic memory.  He also created a formula called F22X which he used to replenish his super strength.  As time went on, he no longer seemed to have his strength powers, though he retained his clairvoyant powers.

When the Wizard saw an orphaned bootblack risk his life to defend a mugging victim, we was moved to take the boy in and make him his protégé.  The boy, Roy Carter, was trained personally by the Wizard until he had the strength of ten men.  Roy took the name Roy the Super Boy and he became a resourceful and essential assistant to the Wizard.