Real Name
Gary Hampton
First Appearance
The Astounding Wolf-Man #1 (July, 2007)
Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard
Team Affiliations
Elder Brood
Base of Operations
Werewolf abilities
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Special Suit

Wolf-Man is a lycanthrope superhero in the Image Universe and star of the comic series The Astounding Wolf-Man.

Origin[edit | edit source]

When millionaire Gary Hampton was bitten by a werewolf on a family vacation, he discovered he was a werewolf sometime later.  Deciding to use his powers for good, he became the superhero Wolf-Man.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gary Hampton's youth and upbringing is largely unknown.  At age 19, Gary became the owner of a small record store and he would be on two sign a record contract for a musical duo that had been rejected by the other major labels.  He eventually married his wife Rebecca, had a daughter named Chloe and became a very successful CEO.  During a camping trip with his family, Gary was attacked by a werewolf.  Gary spent a month in a coma due to it, but when he woke up, it was discovered that his wounds had miraculously healed.

On the night he woke up, he also turned into a werewolf, rampaging across the city, seemingly killing an innocent.  However, Gary was, at first, oblivious to this fact, focused instead on keeping his business going in the wake of his near-death experience, which took a toll on his business.  One night, Gary Hampton, his wife Rebecca, and Gary's closest friend, Dunford, found security footage of Gary transforming into a werewolf.

Almost immediately after discovering the truth, Gary was approached by a vampire named Zechariah, who told him he could teach him to control his lycanthopic transformations.  After three weeks of training, Gary had learned to control his lycanthropic abilities with Zechariah's training.  Gary decided to use these powers (as well as his resources) to become a superhero, making his debut rescuing people from a fire.  Before long, he used his fortune to make a headquarters for himself, full of crimefighting resources.

The Astounding Wolf-Man[edit | edit source]

Gary soon became famous for his crime fighting exploits, particularly when he assisted the superhero team the Actioneers in fighting a slime monster. However, that night Gary discovered that he could not control his transformation and after accidentally transforming into a werewolf again, he went feral and hunted down and murdered Sergeant Superior, one of the Actioneers. After the death of Superior, Gary fell into a depression, staying for weeks in his headquarters. At Zechariah's pleading, Gary is urged to return to crime fighting, which he does, saving a woman from a villain named Thrill Kill.

Media[edit | edit source]

Appears in Spider-man Unlimited, Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider Man.

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