Real Name
James Howlett
First Appearance
The Incredible Hulk #180 (October, 1974) [cameo], The Incredible Hulk #181 (November, 1974) [in Full]
Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita, Sr.
Team Affliations
X-Men, Alpha Flight, Avengers, Avengers Unity Squad, Department H, Department K, The Hand, Horsemen of Apocalypse (while brainwashed), HYDRA (while brainwashed), Jean Grey School, Landau, Luckman, and Lake, New Avengers, New Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., Secret Defenders, Team X, Weapon Plus, Weapon X, X-Force, X-Treme Sanctions Executive
Logan (long thought to be real name), Patch, Captain Canada, Weapon X (Ten), Death, Mutate #9601, Emilio Garra, Weapon Chi, Experiment X, Agent Ten, Peter Richards, Mai' keth, Black Dragon, Captain Terror, John Logan, Jim Logan, Revolto the Clown
Base of Operations
Salem Center, New York
Accelerated healing factor, Adamantium-laced skeletal structure, Six retractable adamantium claws (three claws on each hand), Pronounced canines, Superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, and longevity
Skills and Abilities
Master martial artist and tactician, Espionage Expertise, Expert Marksmanship, Expert Swordsmanship

Wolverine is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and an iconic member of the X-Men, as well as becoming a member of the Avengers.


When he was a young man, James Howlett discovered he was different when claws popped out of his hands and ran away from home, becoming a hardened outsider. He eventually became a soldier, gaining the attention of Weapon X who intended to turn him into a living weapon. After escaping, he ended up joining the superhero team Alpha Flight before finally finding a family with the mutant team of heroes who fight for civil rights, the X-Men.



Raised in 19th Century Alberta, Canada by the wealthy John and Elizabeth Howlett, James Howlett spent most of his youth as a weak child with health issues. His mother was largely emotional absent following the death of her first son John, Jr. (the trauma had caused her to be institutionalized for a time) while his father was under constant pressure by his grandfather to enforce cruel discipline (which he referred to as "firm by fair").However, what John Howlett and James didn't know that Elizabeth had an affair with the caretaker, Thomas Logan and that James was in fact Thomas Logan's biological child. James grew up making friends with Thomas' other son Dog and a girl named Rose who was sent to the Howlett estate.

After being thrown off the Howletts' property for violent actions perpetrated by Dog, Thomas returned to Howlett Manor and, with his son, attacked the residents and murdered John Howlett. In retaliation, young James attacked Thomas, only to find that he has gutted him with claws of bones that had out of his knuckles. What James was unaware of was that he was a mutant (as they were extremely rare and largely unknown at the time) but soon found that both the deformity and James' violent actions caused James' mother to cast him out before killing herself. He fled with his childhood companion, Rose (who was brought to his estate to keep him company) and grow into manhood on a mining colony in the Yukon territory, adopting the name "Logan".

Life as LoganEdit

Logan made friends and grew both strong (both from work and abilities he slowly discovered, including enhanced hearing and sense of smell) and wild (from his wilderness surroundings and ability to adapt thanks to his newfound abilities) during his time at the mining camp. However, when Smitty, the minng foreman, became impressed with Logan (even nicknaming him Little Smitty), the camp's chef Cookie Malone (who was Smitty's favorite previously) became jealous to the point or cutting Logan and Rose's rations, attempting to kill Logan in the mines with dynamite (which failed but resulted in the deaths of five men) and attempted to brutalized him in a cage match fight.  

Logan was later approached by Dog, who was ordered by James' grandfather to bring him home, but during a fight between the two, Rose got involved and ended up impaled on Logan's claws. Logan left the colony in shame and lived for a time in the wilderness among a pack of wolves.

Logan and the CreedsEdit

Logan lived with a wolf pack, finding a strange form of inner peace despite being feral. This lasted until his pack was killed by a mutated polar bear (created by the mad scientist Nathaniel Essex, though he did not know it at the time). Wolverine was able to kill the beast but nearly died in the process. After his wolves were killed, Logan was captured by a couple, Saul Creed and his sister Clara, at the behest of a circus owner named Hugo. Promoted as "the missing like", Clara suspected their might be more to this wild man, but Logan remained passive, accepting his abuse, possible out of despair following all of his losses.

Nathaniel Essex heard of this missing link and believing it to be his target, invited Hugo to his estate under the claim that he would verify if this missing link was real. When "the missing link" and Hugo arrived, Essex murdered Hugo and began performing cruel experiments and vivisection on Logan. Clara and Saul rescued Logan and Clara began spending time with Logan, teaching him to become civilized again.

However, when Clara and Logan began a relationship, Saul was jealous and let Essex know where he was hiding.

Later, Logan returned to civilization, residing with the Blackfoot people. Following the death of his Blackfoot lover, Silver Fox, at the hands of Sabretooth, he was ushered into the Canadian military during WWI. Logan then spends some time in Madripoor, before settling in Japan, where he marries Itsu and has a son, Daken that initially Logan doesn't know about because later Itsu was burned with the house with her son, but Daken had his father's healing factor.

During World War II, Logan teams up with Captain America and continues a career as a soldier-of-fortune and adventurer. He then serves with the during 1st Canadian parachute battalion, and the CIA, before being recruited by Team X, a black ops unit. Being a member of Team, X he is gave false implants. Later on he joins the X-Men where he fells in love with Jean Grey and well has done lots of stuff that is too much to write here. Later on a trip to Japan, he defends a woman but began to lose his healing factor from a Japanese soldier he saved earlier in his life.

TV Shows and MoviesEdit

  • Shows: Any shows that is X-Men, comes out in Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • Movies: All X-Men movies, Logan

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Major healing factor, indestructible bones covered with Adamantium, retractable adamantium claws that come out of his knuckles, animalistic senses, he's a swordsman trained in Japan, hand to hand combat expert, martial artist, military training, parachuting training.

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