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Different incarnations of the superhero Wolverine.

Wolverine is the name of various characters in superhero fiction, most of whom appear in Marvel Comics.  There are also multiple alternate reality versions of Wolverine and he appears frequently in other media.

Marvel UniverseEdit

  • James Howlett (AKA Logan) is the first superhero to bare the name Wolverine.
  • Laura Kinney AKA X-23 is the most recent character to take on the codename Wolverine.
  • Daken, the son of the original Wolverine, took his father's name to work against him as a member of the Dark Avengers.

Marvel MultiverseEdit

  • James Howlett from the alternate future universe known as Earth-807128 was known as Wolverine once, though is now known as "Old Man" Logan.
  • The James Howlett from the universe Earth-1610 was also known as Wolverine.
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