Wolverine Marvel Zombies.jpg

Real Name
James Howlett
First Appearance
Ultimate Fantastic Four #22 (October, 2005)
Mark Millar, Greg Land, Len Wein [original character], John Romita [original character], Herb Trimpe [original character]
Team Affliations
Marvel Zombies
Base of Operations
Adamantium Claws and Bones, Immortality, Heightened Senses, Power Cosmic
Skills and Abilities
Master Martial Artist

Wolverine is a superhero-turned-flesh-eating zombie from an alternate universe, based on Wolverine from the Marvel Universe.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Once a superhero, Wolverine was infected with an illness, transforming him into a murderous, flesh-eating zombie.

Biography[edit | edit source]

It is not entirely certain, but it is extremely likely that the history of this Wolverine is extremely similar to that of the Wolverine from the Marvel Universe.  Things deviated when Wolverine's universe was introduced to a bizarre plague that turned superheroes and supervillains into flesh-eating ghouls (though for some reason, did not effect civilians).  Not long after, Wolverine was infected, turning him into a flesh-hungry ghoul and though he retained his sentience, he was now obsessed with finding and devouring human flesh.

Eventually, Wolverine and most of the other zombies had eaten most humans on Earth, which caused them to feel deep hunger pangs.  When the zombified version of the Fantastic Four plotted to cross over into another universe, they tricked a young Reed Richards from an alternate universe into opening a portal to another Earth.  Eventually, their plan failed but a new food supply happen to arrive in the form of Galactus, the devourer of world and his herald, the Silver Surfer.

Upon devouring them, the several of the Zombies were filled with cosmic power, allowing them to travel the cosmos and feast on flesh across the universe.  Over the course of forty years, the Zombies ruined worlds, bringing in powerful entities into their zombie army and leaving the universe sundered.  With the universe seemingly picked clean of flesh, the zombies returned to Earth in the hopes of repairing Reed Richard's dimensional portal and finding new universes to devour.

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