Wonder Man is a superhero in the Marvel Universe, as well as a popular actor in his civilian life.

The character (whose civilian identity is Simon Williams, who also acted as an actor in his public life) debuted in the USA in "The Avengers" # 9 ( Bloch Editores, March 1976), an ally of the first Baron Zemo. Simon Williams was serving time for embezzlement when he was released and he was given ionic superpowers by Baron Zemo. He agreed to join the avengers as Magnum and lure them into a trap made by Baron Zemo, but had a rebellion of conscience and apparently died saving the heroes. In fact, Simon's powers put him in a vegetative state in which he could heal. He lived to be one of the most popular members of the Avengers. Their powers are speed, stamina and durability superior to that of normal people. It can also design, absorb and control ionic energy. This character appears in the cartoon The Avengers: United They Stand, and a "being of energy" version of the character appears as a villain in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Wonder Man
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