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Yoda was a short, green Jedi Master featured in the Star Wars universe and known as (perhaps) the greatest Jedi Master of all time. His species is unknown, and there are very few other known individuals of his species, the only one in the movies being a female Jedi named Yaddle. Yoda was one of the most iconic Star Wars characters (or science fiction film characters, for that matter) in history. He was featured in all of the Star Wars films except for the original, now titled A New Hope. Yoda died in the sixth film, Return of the Jedi, when he died of old age, having lived for 900 years. He was portrayed by Frank Oz.

Powers and Abilities[]

Yoda is able to use the Force,an omnipresent energy field that exist everywhere, to telekinetically move objects, deflect energy attacks as shown when he deflected Darth Sidious' Force lightning. He also used the Force to enhance his speed and reflexes, making him move at incredible speed. The other abilities Yoda have are precognition abilities,heal wounds,jump very high,sense other life forms around him and other Force powers.