The Young Heroes

Young Heroes

First Appearance
Young Heroes in Love #1 (June, 1997)
Dan Raspler, Dev Madan
Off-Ramp, Monstergirl, Bonfire, Thunderhead, Hard Drive, Frostbite, Junior, Zip Kid
No information
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets

The Young Heroes are a superhero team in the DC Universe and the stars of the short-lived cult series Young Heroes in Love.


Formed by the young superhero Hardrive, the Young Heroes came together to fight evil from different walks of life with the promise of becoming bigger as a team, unaware that the ambitious Hard Drive used his psychic powers to bring them together.


When the young, ambitious psychic Hard Drive decided to start a superhero team, he decided to recruit other teenage superheroes from varying backgrounds. After a couple missions, relationships began between various members of the team, creating bonds, but also a lot of tension.

Later, the members of the team learned that Hard Drive got the other members to join his team through psychic coercion and forced him out of the team. Afterward, Hard Drive became governor of Connecticut and the team continued without him with Monster Girl as the new leader.


Hard Drive - The team's manipulative leader who has psychic powers.

Bonfire - A fire controlling member of the team caught in a love triangle.

Frostbite - A Canadian superhero with ice powers who falls in love with Bonfire.

Off-Ramp - The team's transport, who can open up large portals to other places large enough to drive a car through.

Monstergirl - One of the team's more manipulative members, who ends up becoming the team leader after Hard Drive leaves.

Thunderhead - A team member with super-strength and later electricity powers.

Junior - A genuis who, due to a scientific accident, is only 6 inches tall.

Zip-Kid - A girl who has the power to make herself smaller.

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